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How BasicTalk Works

With BasicTalk, you use your existing high-speed Internet connection to get unlimited calling to anywhere in the U.S. for just $9.99 a month, every month.

Setup Couldn't Be Simpler

Connect your BasicTalk box to an open port on your Wi-Fi router.
Plug any home phone into the BasicTalk box.
Pick up your phone and start calling.

Customer Reviews

Saved 80% off landline bill
KCtoo, Dayton, TX
Got tired of paying so much money to AT&T. Basic Talk took care of everything including cancellation of old service. When I called AT&T to see if I need to cancel, the woman asked why I was cancelling service, being with them since 1999. I said, "It is too much money. I found a cheaper way to have a land line." She asked how much will you be paying? $10.00, not including tax. She was stunned. Love the clarity. Simple. Have had no problems. Kept my old number. Saving over $400.00 yearly. Should have switched along time ago.  Read more…

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